Aluminum Pigments

We have an aluminum line with high effect, visual impact and performance due to its metallic effect, the quality of its flakes and cleanliness.
With multiple particle sizes that create different effects from very bright to satiny.

Leafing effect:
Water Base:
FMF016 Fine grain
FMF033M Medium grain

Solvent base
FM 0215-19 Fine grain

No Leafing effect:
Silver dollar of excellent brightness
Solvent based systems
FM 1034 Medium grain
FM 1031 Medium grain
FM 1021 Medium grain
FM 1018 Fine grain
FM 1012 Fine grain
FM 1010 Fine grain
FM 2704 Super thick grain
FM 2703 Coarse grain
FM 2702 Coarse grain

Corn Flakes, high whiteness, and great covering
FM 3020 Medium grain
FM 3010 Fine Grain
FM 0309-11 Fine grain

Silver dollar, high whiteness and performance.
FM G114 Fine grain
FM 080513 Fine grain
FM 0521-14 Coarse grain

Silver dollar, silky effect and excellent coverage
FM 2009 Fine grain

Water Base System
FMW 6014 Fine grain
FMW 6032 Medium grain

FMP 7172 Coarse grain
FMP 7208 Fine grain
FM 7408DA Fine Grain

FMP 7906 Fine grain

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