They possess a resplendent shine, which confers lustrous, elegant finishes full of life and color.

Glitter Polyester.

We have a wide variety of colors and tones, for all those applications that require a superior brightness, such as toys, textile stamping, crafts, cards, social expression, among others.

Available colours:
Silver – Golden Christmas – Pale Gold – Reddish Gold – Red Christmas – Violet – Blue Turquoise – Dark Blue – Blue King – Black – Light Pink – Lavender – Green – Olive Green – Lemon Green – Apple Green – Azure Fuchsia – Fuchsia – Fluorescent Green , Magenta and Yellow – Gold and Silver Hologram

Crystal clear:

Mix: mixture of violet, blue, green and bronze sparkles.
Bronze: Bronze sparkles, Violet: Violet sparkles, Electric green. Wy to pink. Yellow green. Tangerine Neon yellow. Blue – Green. Dazzleberry. Blue Pastel

Glitter Aluflake:
Highly heat resistant flakes create a sparkling effect in high temperature applications up to 280 ° C

Available colours:
Silver – Black – Royal blue – Gold – Bronze

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