Our active ingredients are based on nano-active, that allow better performance and functionality. Its composition is similar to the structure of the cell membrane, which causes these particles to adhere naturally to the surface of the skin and be absorbed naturally.

The nano-particles enter the body more effectively through multiple pathways, allowing the development of high-efficiency products.


They are encapsulated in Nano Carrier which are amphiphilic with solubility in oil and water. Its efficient ingredients can penetrate the skin more quickly, efficiently and completely, by managing an easy solubility in different systems makes them efficient and easy to use assets.
The small particle size <30 nm (10% of the liposomes) and the high loading capacity (more than 40% of the liposomes), make them more efficient when penetrating the skin at depth through the selected hair follicles and other channels.
Nanotechnology is an excellent alternative to classical methods since it gives the possibility of improving concentration. Compatibility is better and its size makes it very easy to penetrate.

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