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We are a company dedicated to the import and commercialization of raw materials that allow our customers to develop products that impact the senses of the final consumer, in the Industrial and Cosmetic fields. We look for raw materials easy-to-use, good performance through suppliers with international certifications that guarantee high quality products, we rely on a professional group that provides specialized technical support.


Consolidate for the year 2020 as a leading company in the supply of imported raw materials of optimal quality and innovation, which are a source of inspiration and creativity for the industrial and cosmetic fields, which contributes to the success of our customers and satisfies their wishes and that of final consumers in the field of image, beauty and the development of new products. To be recognized for providing an integral technical-commercial advisory service according to the requirements of our clients.


Novacolor, was born in 2005, its founder is a chemical engineer, and with love for sales, began his professional life in this area, after several years of commercial experience as a professional and looking for a source of employment decided to venture as a businesswoman, starting a path of continuous work.

Achieving a company with values ​​and principles that have allowed it, to be recognized in the market for its responsibility, transparency and good service, since its inception Novacolor has the firm objective of marketing raw materials that provide added value to the market, with different technical support that allow us to offer the customer a commercial and technical area generating in the client tranquility in the appropriate and responsible use of our raw materials. Our clients trust in our products.

Our entire team is focused on giving fulfillment, service and transparency to each of our relationships.


We are a responsible company with our suppliers and customers, we work exclusively, we carry out follow-up and report to each sample or information that we receive, presenting a report to our supplier if it suits them.




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